4th Quarter Market Reporting – What’s It Going to Be?

At times I feel I will only sound like a broken record for unending months to come when reporting on the economic and real estate health of our community and the nation overall. Then I realize this is only half true. While I feel we’re going to continue to seesaw our way back to vitality – if in fact we ever get there – I also believe there are several indicators to watch to help determine how we’re doing. While I am not an economist, I offer higher education and a keen interest in economics as credentials as I embark on a plan to be helpful to you in trying to decide if now, or some months from now, is a good time for you to purchase or sell a home. This is my primary goal. But you can’t make a good decision without some good background on all the influences on the marketplace.

I plan to end 2014 by stepping up my reporting to 2-3 per week. That’s because there are dizzying details enough to make a person’s head spin to get through and I want to carefully walk through it with you. Anybody that pays half attention to economic news must feel half crazy from it. One day there are serious concerns from the Federal Reserve on the workforce stability, the next time they speak those concerns have practically vanished. What is a person to think? I hope to make it clearer and maybe set your mind at ease by trying to put all the factors in more overall perspective.

One thing has not changed. It is my opinion that now is still a good time to buy or sell real estate. I say you should not hesitate in either case if you your column labeled “pros” is filled in with the right ingredients: job and/or income security/stability, decent credit and some money to use as a down payment if you’re a buyer; job and income security, decent credit, equity and enough of it to move to the next new home if you are considering selling.

I’ll get down to influencing factors on Wednesday. Be sure to come back for the report. In the meanwhile, if you need more help in home buying or selling decisions, visit me at www.agentgrace.house

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